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Leap is the first quantum novel in the world.
In the making for over 14 years

Iceland, 1999

Nothing ever happens in the secluded port of Fjorgdur, on the Northern Icelandic shores.


But in the last week of the century, something is wrong: double lightnings tear the sky asunder, a tower crumbles into dust without warning, and a ghostly cruise ship with over 500 souls reaches the shores of town with no trace of a passenger.


Amidst the chaos, a lone physics student stands against the end-of-the-millennium storm, driven by a quest to unravel the impossible.

"On August 18, 1913," said the old man. "The roulette at the Monte Carlo Casino fell on black 26 times in a row. Have you ever tried calculating those odds?  Have you ever experienced such extreme improbability in your life that in no human way you could call it... a coincidence?"

**Questioning the very fabric of reality.**

**A portal to the impossible.**

**Try putting it down.**

**I've never read anything like that before.**



Leap is a complex work of art. Its release will happen in waves. See it as an episodic show on television. Only on paper.


Leap Day. We announce Leap.

Early signup list opens.


Leap Chapter 1 drops.


Book's Finale & Quantum Superposition.


The universe expands.

Behind the Project

The author of Leap is unknown. The manuscript was first found in 2009, lost for a few years and resurfaced in 2016. The project has been supported by Impssbl/Creative Protocols, an award-winning world-class creative studio with a mission of finding, making and scaling unknown stories.

Chapter Zero

Read Me

I heard there was a secret world where the most incredible story ever written took place, a time so far away that it doesn’t feel real anymore. But you will never access that world. You will never hear that story. You will be left with a nameless, unspeakable feeling: a future nostalgia born from the awareness that you could have been part of something spectacular, and yet you didn’t get in. You didn’t make it. And that feeling won’t fade. It will grow, by the seconds, by the centuries: you will spend the rest of your mortal lives looking for that world — and in some moments, in the flickering heat of a desert highway, at the twelfth chime of a faraway bell, you will feel it. You will witness it so close, so tangible that you could grab it, and finally tear that veil that makes it other, makes it foreign.

That other world will live in glimpses, in glitches, in coincidences. And yet, even when this parallel, monstrous world caresses ours, you still won’t be able to cross, to fuse, to merge — and you will walk away, you will turn your head with a tacit understanding: that you uncovered something huge, and yet, with no proof, with no credibility, you will be destined to almost know and not do anything, like a timeless Cassandra.

But it won’t matter. Those coincidences will stay with you, like the tiny points of a cosmic map, much bigger than a single world. A map that will be forever strange, forever unknown — a moment apart, a meter away. You will live and you will die knowing that you access only a minuscule portion of reality. That all the rest is negated, forbidden, gone.

Unless you find a door.


Leap is announced. Chapter 0 is live.


Leap can officially be read on Substack.

Leap is free to read online. Just subscribe to Substack to access it. Two physical versions of the book will be available to purchase after the first book is completed.

Make the leap.

Leap Substack
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